Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Term Paper Outline: Cloudy Analysis


A. Animated Feature Film:  Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (90 min)
B. Thesis- In the Sony Animated Picture, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, physics is pushed beyond the limits of the natural world, in order to create the fantastic and humorous universe of the story.

Body Paragraphs

1. Superhuman and Exaggerated Paths of Action
-Earl, the policeman, does backflips through the air with every step he takes.
-In a giant house made of jello, Sam and Flint bounce wildly from wall to wall.
-Flint dodges a giant radish midair.
-Flint runs through the tornado, jumping from object to object and landing safely on the ground.
-The FLDSMDFR remains suspended in the sky (almost as if in orbit), despite the absence of high speed winds.

2. Water is transformed into food by the FLDSMDFR
-Using a great amount of power, Flint’s invention can rearrange molecules of water into molecules of various foods.
-The Invention can control the weather and draws clouds to it to meet increasing demands for food.

3. Giant Food Gains Supernatural Powers
­-Chickens Cling to the ceiling before dropping down to surround the Heroes
-A marshmallow torch lasts too long without burning out
-Toast used as boats do not sink
-A Giant Tortilla Chip breaks apart concrete
-Pizzas explode in a giant fireball.

-Physical laws are intentionally broken throughout the film.
-This deviation from reality pushes the story forward, makes the film more entertaining for the audience to watch, and is an interesting example of a world with physical laws different from our own.­­

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