Wednesday, August 29, 2012


          I have been going to San Jose State for three years, and my major is Animation/Illustration. I am currently in Ani114, Intro to Animation. I have taken several classes in painting and drawing, and I hope to work in Visual Development or Lighting once I graduate. I am very interested in science, and I began my college career at UC Santa Cruz, where I studied Marine Biology for two years. I was particularly interested in evolutionary biology and ichthyology, but I transferred to State before I completed my degree. I took intro courses in biology, chemistry and calculus, but I have never taken physics courses before, so I am really looking forward to this class. Here are some examples of my work from school:

 A Plein-air painting done at Natural Bridges Beach in Santa Cruz.

 This is a longer painting for Ani113a, my color rendering. This painting took about a week of painting to complete.

Here is a leafdrop animation for Art28, one of my first classes at State.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Post

Okay the first post!

Starting this blog as a place to post my homework assignments for Phys 123- The Physics of Animation. Hope its going to be a really fun semester!